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The SoMoveED project aims to introduce innovative solutions to university education consisting in carrying out activities on the move, as far as possible outside the university’s classrooms.

The project aims to develop, implement and disseminate innovations in the MOBILE SOCIAL EDUCATION (MmsED) MODEL in higher education. Its attribute is organizing the didactic process in motion, outside the university walls, with stakeholders from outside the academic community (citizens, representatives of institutions and organizations, activists, people at risk of marginalization).


  1. Conducting research using mobile methods
  2. Exchange of good practices in the field of mobile social education.
  3. Conducting pilot classes assessed by participants.
  4. Preparation of instructional videos (to make a joint instructional video).
  5. Developing a textbook for students.
  6. Developing a guide for academics (toolkit for teachers).
  7. Development of the MOOC on education in motion.
  8. Conducting partner meetings and disseminating the results

The project is implemented by 11 partners from 10 countries (Croatia, Czechia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom). The strategic partnership consists of 8 universities, 2 non-governmental organizations and one company providing education and training services.

The project leader is the University of Zielona Góra (PL).

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