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The 4th transnational project meeting, Romania – hybrid – on September 6-7, 2022

    At the beginning of September 2022, we met for the fourth time as part of the transnational project meeting (TPM) of the SoMoveED project. It was the third offline meeting because we had to organize the first online due to the pandemic.
    The main aim of the meeting was to continue work on the outputs and monitoring the performance of tasks: (a) task monitoring according to the schedule O5-done; O1, O3, O4 last corrections and now working on O2 and O6; b) discussing problems; c) arrangements for following stages of project implementation; d) discussing the preliminary results of the project; e) continuing work on the structure and content of MOOC (O6);

    We also had other goals, such as integrating and motivating project team members. We also wanted to use the intellectual potential of the team and the possibility of working with each other in direct contact. After seeing each other on the screens of the computers, we wanted to meet. We also planned to discuss Multiplier Events.



    First day – 7th of Sept 2022

    Our host organization Associata Roman representative Alexandra Gheondea Eladi started by welcoming the participants, and the organization leader Livia Iancu presented the NGO. Later, we check the situation with the outputs – three books (O1, O3, O4). Then we started the inspirational session, and our friend Alastair Roy presented his work titled “Telling Stories about Recovery through Art, Social Science, and Movement.” Then we returned to the management of the project and talked about output 5 – changes in curricula. During the next part (hybrid), Dorota and Mariusz also monitored the other tasks. Also, during the session, we met the team members who couldn’t come to Romania – link.

    The second part of the meeting was organized in the Village Museum – link.

    We continued discussions about the task implementation and about next steps. Alexandra Gheondea Eladi moderated this part. Mark Verhijde ran the final part of the busy day from the Netherlands and organized a group activity and discussion, “Pitch-introduction to a wild idea.”

    Second day – 8th of Sept 2022

    On the second day, we continued work and started with an Inspirational session. Magdalena Pokrzyńska and Artur Kinal from the Polish team presented material “Between discovering and creating city space.”
    Then we started the workshop by Dorota Bazuń and Mariusz Kwiatkowski –What about MOOC on mobile social education?
    One of the last elements of the meeting was presenting part of the video made by Both Social (O2).
    Summing up and ending the meeting.



    • Confronting the schedule of works performed with the plans.
    • Remainding about formal duties, deadlines, expected documents, etc.
    • Establishing new elements and ideas about the MOOC (O6).
    • Discussing the modified timetable of the works on MOOC (O6).
    • Establishing the program outline for the next project meeting in Prague in 2022.
    • Setting the vote date for the election of the next TPM in Prague in 2022.
    • Determining the people responsible for subsequent tasks to be performed.
    • Overall outline of the plan for implementing and disseminating the project results.

    Eleven people attended the meeting in Romania. So it was a very intimate event, but thanks to that, we had more opportunities to get to know each other better. We left Bucharest tired but refreshed and more enthusiastic about further project work.

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